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What is an open partial nephrectomy?

Partial nephrectomy procedure is one of the treatment options for kidney cancer. In this procedure, the affected cancerous tissue is removed along with a rim of normal kidney tissue adjacent to it. The kidney is then reconstructed after the tissue removal.

What is laparoscopic partial nephrectomy?

The laparoscopic approach for the same procedure of removing cancerous tissue and part normal tissue is a less invasive alternative with a quicker recovery compare to the open procedure. Also, it is now more preferred due to better favourable cosmetic result when compared to the traditional open surgical approach. By removing only a part of the kidney and not the entire one, there is a lower risk of kidney failure for the patients in the future.

What are the indications for partial nephrectomy?

The procure is advised by urology doctor in Chennai in the cases of

  • Renal infection or Cancer (especially small, incidentally discovered, low-stage renal tumours)
  • Damage from kidney stones
  • Injury from trauma
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Long-time high blood pressure leading to kidneys damage

How long does it take to recover from a partial nephrectomy?

For an open procedure the recovery period 4- 6 weeks. In case of a laparoscopic procedure, the recovery period is lesser of about 15- 20 days.

What can you eat after kidney surgery?

The urology doctor in Chennai advises to take adequate fluids and follow a healthy diet consisting of Plenty of fruits and vegetables, with a whole lot of grains. Maintain a healthy weight.

Is having one kidney considered a disability?

It is not considered a disability. He/ she can still lead a normal life, and the body will very much adapt to functioning with one kidney. Some studies show that there are chances of increased BP in later life stages but consuming a healthy diet could also overcome this issue. To compensate for the missing kidney, the single kidney might become larger. Hence, it is more susceptible to injuries. Adapt your lifestyle habits accordingly, by avoiding high-risk sports.



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