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Pediatric Kidney Stones

When Kids get Kidney Stone?

Kidney stone disease is prevalent in both children and adults. Sedentary lifestyle, excessive consumption of fats, proteins and junk food are among the few reasons for kidney diseases in adults. Pediatric kidney stone diseases occur as a result of increased use of medicines and chemicals. Whatever the reason, pediatric kidney stone disease cases are increasing alarmingly.

Some think kidney stones are the results of the seeds that we swallowed and some even think they are the stones that we consumed unknowingly. But the truth is they are the result of the build-up of minerals and salts on the inner linings of the kidneys. The stones consist of calcium oxalate in most of the cases. However, there are stones that consist of other components as well. Kidney stones can be easily removed if they are found in the early stages with a bit of awareness on the pediatric kidney stone symptoms. Continue reading the blog to get an overview on the symptoms and the risk factors of kidney stone disease  in children.

The Reason Behind Kidney Stones in Children

It is hard to find the root cause for kidney stones in children. But they get kidney stones when the kidneys fail to filter or the urinary tract fail to pass the urine for various reasons. In both cases, the accumulation of chemicals forms kidney stones.

Types of Kidney Stones

Majorly, based on the type of chemical there are 4 types of kidney stones commonly found in children.

Calcium Stones - There are 3 major compounds in urine - calcium, oxalate, or urate. Children form these types of stones when one chemical's ratio is higher than the other two. Higher levels of salt can also lead to this type of stones.

Struvite Stones - These types of stones are caused by the bacteria that is responsible for urine infection. The bacteria alter the chemical compounds of the urine and in turn the urine causes struvite stones.

Uric Acid Stones - Too much uric acid in the body can lead to this type of stones. Using excessive uric acid contained medicines and food can cause this stone.

Cystine Stones - Cystine is chemical compound in the body and due to some genetical issues few bodies could not filter this chemical from the blood. This leads to cystine stones in kidneys.

Kidney stone treatment for children is provided based on the type of stone. Apart from the above-mentioned reasons behind kidney stones in children, unhealthy eating habits also play a major role in the formation of stones.

Kidney Stone Symptoms in Children -

Blood in the urine is the most common symptom in the event of kidney stone disease. Here are the other symptoms that could be observed in pediatric kidney stone disease.

  • Vomiting
  • Pain in the groin or the back side below the ribs
  • Obstructed or irregular urination
  • Vomiting
  • Foul-smell and pain while urinating
  • Fever, chills and nausea could also be observed

Kidney Stone Diagnosis in Children

If a child shows all the symptoms mentioned above, the doctor might prescribe tests such as x-rays or an ultrasound examination. Most kidney stone could be observed in x-ray and ultrasound scan is essential in finding the type of stone.

Treatment for Pediatric Kidney Stones

The treatment for kidney stones in children depends on the type and size, location of the stone.  The urologist may employ few narcotics to make the passage of stones less painful and in a few cases the shock wave therapy is performed to break the kidney stones into smaller pieces so that they could pass easily.

Healthy eating and drinking habits, active lifestyle and increased fluid intake can help both children and adults in reducing the chances of kidney stone disease. Visit your nearest urology clinic if you are experiencing any of the symptoms or blood in the urine for a diagnosis.



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